Drill bit set

Suply high quality drill bit set in Vietnam

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  1. 4pcs 6mm Saw Drill Hole Reamer 8-20mm Umbrella Drill 4-12mm Step Drill 12.4mm 90 Degree Chamfering Cutter Bit

    206 000 VND   175 000 VND

    15 000 VND off shipping fee !

    SKU: B4MK-BVCD, ID:174

    4pcs drill bits for sheet drilling. Suitable for use in the following work which the hardness below 25 degrees such as carbon steel, thin plate, insulation board, PVC board.

  2. 112 000 VND   95 000 VND

    10 000 VND off shipping fee !

    SKU: 24000796, ID:796