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TOLSEN tools focus on making professional quality hand tools and related hardware products. TOLSEN products are all strictly controlled at every step during designing, producing, packing and quality controlling process.TOLSEN tools believe that the quality tools refer to the usability, efficiency and performance. Different from the OEM market, the advantages of TOLSEN tools are: Affordable prices, Reliable quality, Stock available, Rapid delivery, without restrictive MOQ etc.

Product ranges – We provide full range hand tools, products include the holding tools, mechanic tools, fastening tools, striking tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, painting tools, PPE items, Power tool accessories, Tool bag & storages, Insulated tools etc.

Our well equipped testing center has the torque life tester, impact tester, hardness tester, drawing tester, material tester, high voltage tester etc., which make sure the quality control process and meet the special QC requirement from the customers.

We have experienced artwork designers to create uniform and professional artworks to make the packages popular and impressed with customers.

The types of products that Tolsen offers are : Hộp đồ nghề, Wire Stripper Cutter, Nhiễm khử từ, Đục, Găng tay, ..

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If you want to find Tolsen products in Vietnam, contact Metalworking tools Store in VietNam that is a distributor of roducts in Vietnam. We are currently distributing 7 of Tolsen's most popular products.

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