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The types of products that Eacker offers are : Pliers, Electronic pliers, Wire Stripper Cutter, Hand Tool Kits, Tool Sets, ..

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If you want to find Eacker products in Vietnam, contact Metalworking tools Store in VietNam that is a distributor of roducts in Vietnam. We are currently distributing 2 of Eacker's most popular products.

  1. Kìm cắt cáp và tuốt dây điện Eacker 604328

    141 000 VND   120 000 VND

    12 000 VND off shipping fee !

    SKU: KCTDEK8-200, ID:102

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  2. Bộ dụng cụ gia đình 13 chi tiết Eacker 803012

    380 000 VND   369 000 VND

    SKU: 6970194990422, ID:117

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