Cao Sơn Brand

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The types of products that Cao Sơn offers are : Wood staple guns & stapler pin, ..

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If you want to find Cao Sơn products in Vietnam, contact Metalworking tools Store in VietNam that is a distributor of roducts in Vietnam. We are currently distributing 2 of Cao Sơn's most popular products.

  1. Ghim bấm gỗ J1010 hộp 5000 ghim

    50 000 VND   31 000 VND

    SKU: J1010-5000, ID:287

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  2. Ghim bấm gỗ J1008 hộp 5000 ghim

    47 000 VND   31 000 VND

    SKU: J1008-5000, ID:286

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